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The Best Attic Insulation for Ohio

Do you have a high energy bill? A high energy bill can be caused by heat seeping out of the attic and cool air seeping in. Because of this airflow, your heating and air conditioning have to work overtime to maintain the comfort levels in your property.

With attic insulation and air sealing, you can reduce airflow. Attic insulation involves placing insulating products, such as blankets, around your attic. Our products reduce heat-load and block the heat from coming into your home. Furthermore, insulation installed in your attic and walls will reduce the heat entering or exiting your home. Your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What is Air Sealing?

Air sealing is the process of restricting the passage of airflow through the tiny gaps and cracks around your home. Air leaks exist everywhere and you need a team of experts who know where to look and how to seal.

Air cracks will burn through your money. Air leaks create long-term problems including higher energy costs. Air leaks allow heat to escape during the cold months and heat to enter during the warm months. With a drafty home, you’ll have to spend more to keep your property comfortable.

However, with EmpowerSaves, you can plug up your home’s leaks. Our comprehensive air sealing solutions are provided by experienced technicians who know where to look and what to seal. Unlike our competitors, we can identify trouble areas quickly before giving your estimates and financing options.

We’re Partnered With Owens Corning To Deliver the Best In Attic Insulation and Sealing

As a proud partner of Owens Corning, a global leader in insulation materials, we use only the best quality materials with proven R-Value and local Owens Corning Preferred Contractors for installation.

We start each attic insulation and air sealing project with a free inspection. Our expert identifies areas in need of insulation and air sealing and informs you of what they find. We then provide suggestions that include products EmpowerSaves believes would work best for your situation. From here, we schedule an installation date and provide financing options. This process takes less than a few hours.

Because of our skill and expertise, we know how to work with Owens Corning products and deliver the best solutions. Owens Corning products are environmentally stable, safe, and effective. Lastly, because of our skill, we can have the installation handled in just 1/2 a day.

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Along with quick, proven work, quality products, and custom finance packages, we offer friendly and professional service. Contact our team today to schedule your FREE in-home inspection.

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