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EmpowerSaves | Attic Insulation | Air Sealing | Columbus, OH | Cincinnati, OH

How did we generate this report?

Empower uses state of the art energy analytic software to analyze utilty bills to find out how you can save money, improve the comfort of your home and reduce your environmental impact. Here's how it works:

  1. Data Partnerships - Empower partners with Duke Energy Ohio for utility usage data, your county tax assessor for property recrods, and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association for weather data. This data is what powers our energy savings analysis.
  2. Energy Analysis - The first thing we do is look at how you are using energy depending on how hot and cold it is outside. This let's us understand what solutions might have the biggest impact for savings you money. For example, if you're using a lot of energy in the winter, you might need to upgrade your furnace or add some weatherstripping to reduce drafts.
  3. Building Analysis - Finally, we take your energy analysis and look at how big or small your home is. This allows us to make sure we are recommending the right solutions because big, medium and small homes all have different needs. This also allows us to precisely predict how much you could save if you upgraded your home.

Over 1,300 households have received EmpowerSaves proposals to lower their energy costs!
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of Duke Energy homes are more energy efficient.
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Good news, since you are eligible for the Duke Benefit Fund, we can install and pay for a custom energy savings package right away. Click below to view your final Duke Fund report to see how much you can save and your monthly payment.


Where Are You Losing Energy?

Your attic and roof are among your home’s leading source of energy loss and can needlessly hike your utility bills and make your home less comfortable than it could be.
Your utility bill is driven largely by your heating and cooling systems. Aging units work harder to keep you comfortable – and drive up monthly bills.
Among the simplest ways to cut energy costs is to switch to newer LED lighting and more efficient EnergyStar rated appliances.
Uneven Heating & Cooling
Upstairs rooms are hotter in summer and colder in winter than first-floor rooms
Drafty Conditions
Rooms feel drafty, especially upper level rooms, even when doors & windows are closed
Icicles & Ice-dams
Excessive icicles hanging from gutters & ice-jams forming above gutters
High Seasonal Bills
Utility bills increase dramatically during summer and the winter
Overworked Heating and A/C Units
Units run excessively to achieve desired temperature
High Monthly Bills
If your electric bill is uniformly high — even when AC isn’t running — the culprit is likely excessive use of older incandescent lightbulbs and aging appliances that suck up electricity for lighting, cooking, refrigeration, and laundry needs.

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