EmpowerSaves | Attic Insulation | Air Sealing | Columbus, OH | Cincinnati, OH
EmpowerSaves | Attic Insulation | Air Sealing | Columbus, OH | Cincinnati, OH

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EmpowerSaves | Attic Insulation | Air Sealing | Kemba Financing | Columbus, OH | Cincinnati, OH

An uninsulated attic brings a whole host of troubles that can affect your family, home, and wallet. Without proper protection, your attic can create issues you can’t resolve.

However, attic insulation can cost a pretty penny. There’s much involved in keeping the top of your home sealed and protected. Luckily, EmpowerSaves provides financing options to help you and your family.

Firstly, all our services are designed to save you money. We offer FREE inspections where we examine more than our competitors. Secondly, our payment plans will cost less than the money you save.

An example client in Cincinnati may pay $45 a month for our Owens Corning attic insulation (R-49) and professional installation air sealing of the attic space. However, this client will save $50 monthly in energy costs.

EmpowerSaves And Kemba Financing Options

Lastly, we’ve partnered with Kemba Consumer Resources to deliver the best financing plans to our local clients. Our goal is to improve your home and protect your family, not break your bank. Through our savings and financial offerings, we ensure our services are affordable.

Contact our team at 877-3EMPOWER today to schedule a FREE inspection.

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