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EmpowerSaves | Attic Insulation | Air Sealing | Columbus, OH | Cincinnati, OH

What product can you buy that actually pays you?

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to have a beer with an old friend of mine while in Detroit. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve gotten together – keeping in touch mostly through social media or texting as forty-ish kids like us do these days. And as you’d expect, we spent a lot of our time talking about careers.
My friend is a mortgage broker. He’s been one since we graduated from college. And he’s obviously experienced the ups and downs of the business throughout the last twenty years. We talked about this recent mortgage environment, and he lamented that business hasn’t grown much in the last year or so because he’s refinanced everyone he could. And most of his network is settled into their family homes for the next twenty years, and not looking to move. But he’s happy. And he’s got enough business to keep things at the status quo.
Then we started talking about Empower. Empower is an energy services provider dedicated to saving people money on their energy bills. “Where utilities want to sell you energy, Empower wants to save you energy,” I expressed. He was intrigued, and I continued to explain our first product, the Empower Home Energy Tune-Up.
“It’s a low cost/high impact energy efficiency package that can save homeowners $300 to $1,000 per year,” I exclaimed using my tried-and-true elevator speech about the package. “And it’s a no-brainer! What product can you buy that actually pays you?!” I concluded.
“How so?” my friend asked. And my answer was what really made him nod head.

See, there are lots of ways to save money

There are lots of ways for people to save money on everyday things. In fact, one of our recent blog articles provided ten ways to save money by just living life as you typically would. But the Empower Home Energy Tune-Up is actually something that makes you money because the money you save on your energy bills with Empower will pay back the cost to install our package. And there’s nothing really like that in any marketplace.
Look, you can switch cell phone carriers from Verizon to Sprint, and use your handy chain saw to cut in half your most recent Verizon bill like the advertisements show. But you’re still paying for cell phone service.
And you can go to someone like my friend, a mortgage broker, and lower your mortgage rate from 4.5% to 3.5%, and save $5,000 per year. But you still have a 30-year mortgage. You don’t eliminate a payment for your home until you’ve paid it off.
The Empower Home Energy Tune-Up is the only thing we can think of that after you purchase it, it starts to pay you! A 700-square foot home might cost about $2,000 to install the Empower Home Energy Tune-Up. Subtract any available rebates, and the cost could be about $1,500. But then you may start saving $500 per year. After three years, you’ve paid back your investment, and now you just have an extra $500 per year to use as you wish. What else does that?
So contact Empower today, and ask how much we think you could save. We’ve been pretty accurate on our projections to-date. And our customer representatives have the information at their fingertips to help inform you.